What constitutes MPC?

The popular intermediate course MPC focuses on the core concepts of mathematics, physics, and chemistry. This course aims to give students a solid foundation in maths and prepare them for further related professions.

Students who study mathematics get analytical and problem-solving abilities that are crucial in many technical and scientific fields. Students who study physics are better able to understand the fundamental concepts of the physical universe, such as motion, forces, energy, and electricity. Chemistry investigates the structure, characteristics, and reactivity of substances to help students understand chemical processes and their uses. Our MPC intermediate course emphasizes practical skills through laboratory work and experiments in addition to academic understanding.

What after MPC?

 Students who successfully complete an MPC course have a wide choice of options for continuing their study in fields including engineering, computer science, and other pure and applied sciences. Additionally, it provides a strong basis for those preparing to take competitive exams in these subjects.